Liberadas las versiones de Asterisk 1.2.31, y


El grupo de desarrollo de Asterisk acaba de liberar nuevas versiones de Asterisk que resuelven un problema potencial de seguridad. El mensaje a continuación:

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From: Asterisk Development Team 
Date: January 8, 2009 1:06:44 PM GMT-06:00
Subject: [asterisk-dev] Asterisk 1.2.31,, and released
Reply-To: Asterisk Developers Mailing List 

The development team has announced the release of Asterisk
1.2.31,, and These releases are available for
immediate download from

This update for Asterisk includes a security fix for chan_iax2. Please
see the associated security adivisory for more details:

This security issue affects the 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6 series of Asterisk.

Asterisk releases 1.2.31, and only contain the security fix.

Asterisk release has additional changes from, including
a fix to the Makefile that caused menuselect to break in certain cases.
Also, some issues related to memory leaks and more appropriate SIP
dialog responses when receiving 4XX messages have been fixed.

ChangeLogs for the various releases are available at:

Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

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