Merge to live, live to merge


En nuestro ambiente de desarrollo uno de los problemas más recurrentes en el manejo de productos de trabajo con control de versiones es el miedo al ‘merge‘ por los conflictos que este puede llegar a producir.

Pablo Santos, de Codice Software publicó un excelente artículo (en inglés) para quitarse ese miedo.

As a professional programmer you’re familiar with a variety of programming languages, you know by heart the basics and not so basics of data structures and algorithms, you are an expert working on your favorite IDE, you master software patterns and you’re aware of the newest trends in agile methods. But there’s a useful piece in the programmer’s toolbox which is normally more feared than used: the merge tool!

My goal is to remove the fear from merging, so this series of articles will explain, step by step, the very basics of merging and will explore the different merge types, their uses and advantages.

Merging (and not locking, our old and mean friend) is the bais of parallel development, so there’s much to gain in our trip…

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