Jon “maddog” Hall en Guadalajara el 26 de Mayo


La Universidad de Guadalajara
a través del Centro Universitario del Norte
y La Coordinación General de Servicios a Universitarios,
tienen el honor de invitarlo a la

Conferencia Magistral:
Back to the Future, the return of control.

Impartida por:
Jon “maddog” Hall,
Presidente de Linux International.


Most computer users, businesses and governments have lost control of their software. They have little or no real control over how their software works, what languages the software supports, or how long the software will be supported. These issues are now dictated by de companies that produce the software, and often these companies are in different countries from you.

Likewise both money and expertise are exported out of your country, instead of developing the jobs and expertise inside of your own country. This talk will outline how this happened, and how to regain control of your software, ending with the discussion of a new project that can create hundreds of thousands of new entrepreneurial jobs, al in the private sector.

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