PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta 4


Leo el aviso de la liberación de la Beta 4 de la Base de Datos PostgreSQL.

El comunicado de prensa aquí.

From: Selena Deckelmann
Date: August 1, 2010 12:32:37 PM CDT
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta 4 available now!

The fourth beta release for PostgreSQL version 9.0 is now available!
This beta contains numerous fixes and several changes since beta3.
Please download, install, and test it so that we can move toward final
release of 9.0.

Some significant changes have been introduced in beta4 which will
require some applications to be re-tested with 9.0. These include:

* Report disk space error properly and do not load .psqlrc when using
* Allow full SSL certificate verification when host and hostaddr are
both specified, backpatched to 8.4;
* Fix for pg_dump’s handling of SQL/MED objects;
* Bugfix and performance improvement for scans of lossy GIN index pointers;
* Fix for possible page corruption in ALTER TABLE .. SET TABLESPACE;
* Properly replay CREATE TABLESPACE during crash recovery;
* Cleanup subtransactions in FOR loops, and avoid deep recursion when
assigning XIDs to multiple levels of subtransactions, both backpatched
to 8.0.

Note that, due to a system catalog change, an initdb and database
reload will be required for upgrading from 9.0Beta1. We encourage
users to use this opportunity to test pg_upgrade for the upgrade from
beta3 or an earlier version of 9.0. Please report your results.

If you are able to help with beta testing, please see the testing

Betas are not stable and should never be used in production; they are
for testing only. A release candidate will be available for testing

Source code, as well as binary installers for many platforms, is
available from the PostgreSQL Web Site:
* Source:
* One-Click installer including Win64 binaries:
* Binaries for other platforms:
* Release Notes:
* Participation in Testing:

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