File Systems de nueva generación en Linux


Nos mandan un artículo sobre dos file systems conocidos como “NiLFS(2)” y “exofs”:

Linux continues to innovate in the area of file systems. It supports the largest variety of file systems of any operating system. It also provides cutting-edge file system technology. Two new file systems that are making their way into Linux include the NiLFS(2) log-structured file system and the exofs object-based storage system. Discover the purpose behind these two new file systems and the advantages that they bring.

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One thought on “File Systems de nueva generación en Linux

  1. Interesante, por que ya se venia quedando atras Linux en eso de Filesystems, incluso ahi mencionan como alternativa a ZFS de Solaris que ya lleva mas tiempo madurandose. A probar.

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