Linus comenta sobre los desarrolladores de Gnome


DistroWatch entrevista a Linus sobre las “distros”. Ciertamente una entrevista con el mismo “mood” de siempre pero su tono sobre los desarrolladores de gnome es cotorro jejeje, bueno, juzguen por ustedes mismos:

DW: Since Fedora has dropped support for KDE 3.x in recent times, what desktop environment are you using now? Have you made the move to KDE 4.x, or dare I say it, GNOME? If so, how have you found the transition?

LT: Since I’m on Fedora, I got hit by the (bad) transition to KDE4, and as a result I’ve been using GNOME for the last year or so. It’s still somewhat painful, more so when I’m on my laptop, mainly for the same old reason: you cannot fix the mouse buttons in GNOME. (The reason this hits me more on the laptop than anywhere else is that most laptops only have two buttons, making the middle-button press much harder. And middle button is what you need for the ‘send to back’ window action.)

I wrote the patch (including even the graphical configuration management), I sent it in, and it got rejected as “too complicated for users”. Frickin’ idiots (and I’m not talking about those alleged users).

But right now, KDE is worse. I’d like to explore alternatives, but if you’ve followed my answers this far and are perceptive, you’ll probably already have figured out that the programs involved aren’t on my list of things I care about that much.

I’m well known for disliking GNOME, but it’s not the “using it” part that I dislike as much as the apparent mentality of the GNOME people who think that all users are idiots and then limit what I can do with it for that reason.

See the difference?

So I’ll use whatever works best on my machine and in my workflow, and a window manager is not something I really care deeply about.

La liga a toda la entrevista:

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