Asterisk 1.4.23


El grupo de desarrollo de Asterisk (PBX basado en software) manda el aviso de la liberación de la versión 1.4.23 que contiene un buen número de bug-fixes:

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From: Asterisk Development Team 
Date: January 21, 2009 2:14:27 PM GMT-06:00
Subject: [asterisk-dev] Asterisk 1.4.23 Now Available!
Reply-To: Asterisk Developers Mailing List 

The development team is proud to announce the release of
Asterisk 1.4.23. This release is available for download from

This release is a significant bug fix update for the 1.4 release series.

The following list of bugs were resolved with the participation of the
community, and this release would not have been possible without your help!

 * Fixed datastore handling crashes in app_queue.c.
     - Closes issues 14086. Reported by ZX81. Tested by: ZX81, festr.

 * Update autosupport script to supply info for both Zaptel and DAHDI
   in 1.4 and be sure to run dahdi_test in 1.6.x and trunk instead of
     - Closes issue 14132. Reported by and patch contributed by: dsedivec

 * Don't overflow when paging more than 128 extensions. The number of available
   slots for calls in app_page was hardcoded to 128. Proper bounds checking
   was not in place to enforce this limit, so if more than 128 extensions were
   passed to the Page() app, Asterisk would crash. This patch instead
   dynamically allocates memory for the ast_dial structures and removes the
   (non-functional) arbitrary limit. This issue would have special importance
   to anyone who is dynamically creating the argument passed to the Page
   application and allowing more than 128 extensions to be added by an outside
   user via some external interface.
     - Closes issue 14217. Reported by and patch contributed by: a_villacis

 * Do not crash if we are not passed a followme ID.
     - Closes issue 14106. Reported by and patch contributed by: ys

 * Change the way the T.38 SDP attribute handling to make it more liberal in
   what it accepts, and more strict in what it sends.
     - Closes issue 13967. Reported by: linulin. Patches contributed by:

In addition to the issues cited above, several issues related to call parking
have been resolved, thereby making Asterisk call parking more robust.
See issues 13820, 13747, 14066, 14228, 13854, 12854, and 13139 for more
information. Special thanks to otherwiseguy, davidw, bluefox, waverly360,
kobaz, Adam Lee, krisk84, and murf.

For a full list of changes, see the ChangeLog:

Thank you for your support of Asterisk!

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