Foros oficiales de FreeBSD


El pasado 16 de noviembre se anuncio oficialmente la creación de foros oficiales de FreeBSD con el objetivo de dar soporte a los usuarios de FreeBSD alrededor del mundo y que servirán como complemento a las listas de correo ya existentes, para acceder a los foros pueden dirigirse a la siguiente url:

Actualmente se encuentran disponibles las siguientes categorias:

  • News & Announcements Important information related to FreeBSD Forums and the FreeBSD project.
  • Feedback Share your ideas, questions or suggestions with us here.
  • General General questions about the FreeBSD operating system. Ask here if your question does not fit elsewhere.
  • Installing & Upgrading Installing and upgrading FreeBSD.
  • Hardware General discussion of hardware for running FreeBSD.
  • Ports Installation and Maintenance Installing and maintaining the FreeBSD Ports Collection.
  • Porting New Software Having trouble or general questions about porting software to FreeBSD? Ask here.
  • Window Managers
  • X.Org X.Org on FreeBSD installation & configuration.
  • Mobile Computing This forum discusses issues related to running FreeBSD on notebooks, laptops, and other mobile equipment.
  • Multimedia Having problems running your new shiny and blinking gadget or watching DVDs, listening to CDs etc.
  • Web & Network Services Discussion related to network/web services such as apache, bind, sendmail, etc.
  • Networking Network related discussions (including general TCP/IP stuff, routing, etc).
  • Firewalls IPFW, PF, IPF (but not limited) related discussion.
  • Embedded Having questions related to ARM/MIPS devices which are not desktops and which usually serve a single purpose such as routers, switches, PDAs, etc.
  • Other Architectures FreeBSD on Alpha, PC98, PowerPC or Sparc64. This forum is also for questions related to porting FreeBSD to new architectures.
  • Hacking FreeBSD Kernel development, writing drivers, hacking, and questions regarding FreeBSD internals.
  • Userland Programming & Scripting C, Shell, Perl, Sed & Awk.
  • Off-Topic Have some non-FreeBSD related questions, or want just to chit-chat about anything that is not related to FreeBSD? This is the forum for you.
  • Howtos & FAQs Would you like to share some of your solutions for certain problems? Tips or tricks? Post here.

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