Nuevo canal de youtube para charlas *BSD


Se ha creado un canal de youtube dedicado exclusivamente a charlas técnicas sobre FreeBSD y otros sistemas *BSD, actualmente ya se encuentran colocados 4 vídeos los cuales son:

  • Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability por Brooks Davis, MeetBSD 2008.
  • BSD Certification por Dru Lavigne, MeetBSD 2008.
  • Embedding FreeBSD por Warner Losh, MeetBSD 2008.
  • FreeBSD Foundation Update & Recognition por Robert Watson, MeetBSD 2008.

A continuación pongo el anuncio oficial que se hizo Murray Stokely en la lista de FreeBSD FreeBSD-Announce:

I’m pleased to announce the availability of a dedicated YouTube
channel for technical lectures about FreeBSD and other BSD operating
systems :

This channel allows us to post full hour long lectures from FreeBSD
conferences.  The first four videos that Julian Elisher recorded at
MeetBSD 2008 have been posted :

Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability, Brooks
Davis, MeetBSD 2008
BSD Certification, Dru Lavigne, MeetBSD 2008
Embedding FreeBSD, Warner Losh, MeetBSD 2008
FreeBSD Foundation Update & Recognition, Robert Watson, MeetBSD 2008

This channel provides the rich YouTube API for extracting and
embedding these videos in other websites.  You can also simply
subscribe to the RSS feed in your feedreader to be notified when new
videos are posted.  Work is ongoing to integrate the video content
here with the multimedia area of the FreeBSD web site.

If you have video content from a previous BSD conference that you
would like to see added to this channel, please let me know.

Thanks to the Google Open Source Program Office for their help in
setting up this special channel for the BSD community.

– Murray

Pregunta para el pop: ¿Seria posible crear la categoria “*BSD” en la nueva cofradia?

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