Mantenimiento del File system de Linux

Nos mandan un artículo introductorio al mantenimiento del sistema de archivos en sistemas con Linux…

Learn how to check the integrity of your Linux filesystems, monitor free space, and fix simple problems. Use the material in this article to study for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) 101 exam for Linux system administrator certification—or just to check your filesystems and keep them in good working order, especially after a system crash or power loss.

Automatización de pruebas de software con Buildbot

Nos mandan un artículo sobre como automatizar el ciclo de pruebas de software utilizando Buildbot:

The days of cowboy coding are long gone at most organizations, replaced by a renewed interest in generating quality software. Continuous integration (CI) testing is a vital component in the practice of agile programming techniques that lead to high-quality software. Learn the theory and practice of CI testing by exploring Buildbot, an open source CI system written in Python.

¿Donde van los archivos de sistema en Linux?

Nos mandan un artículo básico para aprender donde encontrar y colocar los archivos en un sistema Linux:

Learn the correct location for files under the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) on a Linux system and learn how to find important files and commands. You can use the material to explore file organization and management.

File Systems de nueva generación en Linux

Nos mandan un artículo sobre dos file systems conocidos como “NiLFS(2)” y “exofs”:

Linux continues to innovate in the area of file systems. It supports the largest variety of file systems of any operating system. It also provides cutting-edge file system technology. Two new file systems that are making their way into Linux include the NiLFS(2) log-structured file system and the exofs object-based storage system. Discover the purpose behind these two new file systems and the advantages that they bring.