“Fire Side Chat” con Ward Ralston y Vineet Thuvara del equipo de Windows Server


Nuestros amigos de Microsoft nos mandan lo siguiente:

Que tal como parte de nuestros esfuerzos de divulgación tecnológica, quiero invitarlos al Fire Side Chat con gente del grupo que desarrollo Windows Server 2008 R2, es una excelente oportunidad para platicar con ellos y aprender de estas tecnologías, además, en unos momentos recibirán otro correo invitandolos a participar en el FireSide Chat de Virtualización donde podrán hacer todas las preguntas que siempre han querido hacer y jamas habían tenido la oportunidad.

Espero verlos en el FireSide Chat…

We are going to be running several invitation only “Fire Side Chats” over the coming months, and as you are a key leader in the technical community, I’d like you to participate if you can. Attendance is strictly limited, so your early response would be appreciated. During the event you will get the chance not only to hear from senior Microsoft executives about the areas they are working on but also to pose questions to them. Upcoming events include Microsoft executives from Windows, Office, Developer Tools, Exchange/OCS, Microsoft Research, Microsoft IT and more.

What is a Fire Side Chat anyway?
Fire Side Chats are invitation only LiveMeetings. They are an hour in length, repeated at different times of day so you don’t need to attend at 3:00am. Each Fire Side Chat has a key Microsoft individual talking about their area of expertise and answering questions from the audience. When you accept the invitation using the link below you will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance as well as during the Fire Side Chat itself.

Windows Server 2008 R2
Ward Ralston, Vineet Thuvara
Date and Time
October 26th 2009, 8:00am and 4:00pm (Pacific time)
When the leaner, faster, 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 premiered at the 2009 TechEd conference it was, in the words of one analyst, “a jaw dropping experience”. During this chat, we will talk about the huge enhancements to Windows Server 2008 R2 such as: client and server virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V; improved Hyper-V support, presentation virtualization with RDS; integrated document lifecycle management abilities in file services (FCI); support for live migration of virtual servers; better together technologies with Microsoft Windows 7 client – DirectAccess and BranchCache; support for .NET on the Server Core; support for 256 logical processors;– and much, much more.

Ward Ralston is Group Program Manager in the Windows Server Group. Ward has worked in the computer industry for over 15 years, and has obtained multiple certifications, including: CCNA, Security+, MCSA+S, MCSE (NT4, W2K, WS03), MCT, and CISSP. Ward is a veteran of the U. S. Navy Submarine Service. He frequently blogs on the Windows Server Division Weblog at http://blogs.technet.com/windowsserver.
Vineet Thuvara is the Worldwide Window Server Launch lead. He has worked in the computer industry for over 10 years and is a graduate of MIT and Harvard.
Amongst other things, Ward and Vineet areresponsible for Worldwide Field and IPM Technical Readiness. They work with key teams, developers, and architects within Microsoft to provide principal technical readiness content.

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