Creando aplicaciones Web para dispositivos móbiles usando HTML5

Nos mandan la liga a una serie de artículos sobre como implementar aplicaciones para para celulares utilizando HTML5:

HTML 5 is a very hyped technology, but with good reason. It promises to be a technological tipping point for bringing desktop application capabilities to the browser. In this five-part series, you will take a closer look at several new technologies that are part of HTML5, that can have a huge impact on mobile Web application development.

  • Part 1: Combine HTML5, geolocation APIs, and Web services to create mobile mashups
  • Part 2: Unlock local storage for mobile Web applications with HTML5
  • Part 3: Make mobile Web applications work offline with HTML5
  • Part 4: Using Web Workers to speed up your mobile Web applications
  • Part 5: Develop new visual UI features in HTML 5

Usando PHP desde la linea de comandos en Linux y UNIX

Nos mandan un artículo sobre como invocar comandos de shell desde PHP y dan la referencia a otro artículo titulado Command-line PHP? Yes, you can!:

Learn how to better integrate scripts with command-line tools. Examine using shell_exec(), exec(), passthru(), and system(); safely passing information to the command line; and safely retrieving information from it. See how to integrate closely with underlying shell commands and folding any return values into your interfaces and processes.

Usando PHP para convertir la salida de Twitter a RSS

Nos mandan un artículo de como tomar la salida de Twitter y alimentar un RSS usando PHP:

This article explains the underpinnings of Twitter – specifically, what the REST API exposes, and shows PHP developers how to use public libraries to extract status from their own and their friends’ timelines and convert it to other formats, most notably RSS. After reading this, you will have the skills to build your own Twitter and PHP applications and utilities.