Guía básica de como particionar en Linux

Nos mandan una guía básica de como particionar discos duros bajo Linux:

In this article learn how to create partitions on a disk drive and how to format them for use on a Linux system as swap or data space. In this related article on Hard disk Layout you can learn how to design a partition layout for disks on a Linux system.

Alta disponibilidad usando DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) en Linux

Nos mandan un artículo de como utilizar en Linux una nueva característica llamada DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), que permite copiar bloques de información por red y crear esquemas de fail-over:

The 2.6.33 Linux kernel has introduced a useful new service called the DRBD – Distributed Replicated Block Device. This service mirrors an entire block device to another networked host during run time, permitting the development of high-availability clusters for block data. Explore the ideas behind the DRBD and its implementation in the Linux kernel.