Utilizando 3 capas de autentificación en SSH

Nos mandan un artículo de como crear un metodo de autentificación de varias capas usando SSH y PAM para hacer mas seguros los accesos a nuestros sistemas

Security always requires a multi-layered scheme. SSH is a good example of this. Methods range from simple sshd configuration through the use of PAM to specify who can use SSH, to application of port-knocking techniques, or to hide the fact that SSH access even exists. Applying these techniques can make life much harder for possible intruders, who will have to go past three unusual barriers.

Guía de seguridad para PostgreSQL

Nos mandan una guía de consejos sobre seguridad en PostgreSQL:

Database security is the single biggest concern with today’s Web-based applications. Without control, you risk exposing sensitive information about your company or, worse yet, your valuable customers. In this article, learn about security measures you can take to protect your PostgreSQL database. Be sure to download the sample code listings used in this article.

usando Esteganografía para evitar ser observado

Nos mandan un artículo introductorio a las técnicas de esteganografía (esconder información dentro de otra):

Some of the more nefarious Steganography tactics include hiding information for illegal reasons. In fact, organizations such as Al-Qaeda and other terrorist are known to use this process to hide information in harmless images hosted on Web sites. Learn whats at stake and how to detect and thwart Steganography techniques and blunt its effectiveness.

Análisis de redes en UNIX

Nos mandan un tutorial de como analizar la estructura de red y recursos para la solución de problemas en nuestras redes:

You can find out a lot about your network by using a variety of different tools. Understanding the layout of your network, and where packets are going, and what people are doing is important. This tutorial examines techniques for monitoring the traffic and content of your UNIX network and how to read and diagnose problems on your network.

Best practices in securing a Web Server

Securing a Web Server and your hosted applications is indeed a daunting task, but it’s not an impossible one. As a public resource, your Web Server is like “bloody shark bait” for some. But it doesn’t have to be: Learn to guard against the serious threats to your public Web Servers with a heavy dose of prevention.