Mejorando la librería de “Scala Twitter” para clientes Java

Nos mandan un artículo de como usar una librería de Java llamada “Scitter” para hacer aplicaciones que interactuen con Twitter de manera más sencilla.

Make it substantially easier to access Twitter than just opening an HTTP connection and doing the work by hand as well as making Twitter easily accessible to Java clients and Java developers. With this new Scala Scitter library you wont have too much to do to get started leveraging the Twitter API.

Haciendo que “Scala” trabaje con servlets

Nos manda la gente de IBM un artículo introductorio sobre el uso de “Scala”, un lenguaje que permite interactuar con Servlets de Java.

Scala is clearly an interesting language, well suited for showing off nifty new ideas in language theory and innovation. This article serve as a gentle introduction to the idea of using Scala for Web applications and demonstrate that Scala’s features can be leveraged in some interesting ways to make programming for the JVM easier.