Avances en el kernel de Linux

Nos hacen llegar una nota que menciona los avances principales en las nuevas versiones del Kernel de Linux:

Life’s certainties include death and taxes but also the advancement of the GNU/Linux operating system, and the last two kernel releases did not disappoint. The 2.6.28 and 2.6.29 releases contain an amazing amount of new functionality, such as a cutting-edge enterprise storage protocol, two new file systems, WiMAX broadband networking support, and storage integrity checking. Discover why it’s time to upgrade.

Anatomía del manejo de procesos de Linux

Nos manda la genet de IBM un artículo que describe el ciclo de creación y destrucción de un proceso en el Kernel de Linux.

The creation and management of user-space processes in Linux have many principles in common with UNIX but also include several unique optimizations specific to Linux. Here, review the life cycle of Linux processes and explore the kernel internals for user process creation, memory management, scheduling, and death.