Subiendo aplicaciones de Linux a la nube… de Amazon

Nos mandan un articulo de como aprovechar las facilidades de “Cloud Computing” de Amazon:

Cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are well documented, but what’s often not discussed is how to get a running Linux application into a cloud computing environment. Discover how to move an application into the cloud and take advantages of the features this setup has to offer.

Cloud computing con Linux y Apache Hadoop

Nos mandan este artículo introductirio a los conceptos de “Cloud computing” utilizando servidores Linux y el serv idor de Web Apache:

This article shows you how to use Apache Hadoop to build a MapReduce framework to make a Hadoop Cluster and how to create a sample MapReduce application which runs on Hadoop. You will also learn how to set up a time/disk-consuming task on the cloud.