Usando jQuery, XMPP y PHP para tener sistemas de notificación a tiempo real en WEB

Nos mandan un artículo de como utilizar protocolos basados en XMPP para crear notificaciones en tiempo real en ambientes de WEB:

Real-Time apps have been popularized by social-notification tools like Twitter and Friendfeed. With a Real-Time web app you can get website information as soon as it’s published. Learn techniques that allow you to create responsive, continually updated web applications that conserve server resources while providing a slick user experience using jQuery, XMPP and PHP.

Obteniendo alertas en tiempo real usando Ajax Chat

La gente de IBM nos manda un artículo interesante de como implementar alertas utilizando Ajax Chat:

Wish you could have a dedicated, open source Web chat pop up in response to a system event that lets you know what’s happening in real time. Your search is over with Ajax Chat, an application that’s implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. You can get that function and much more with Ajax chat, a pop up chat perfect for system adminstrators. Learn how to change configurations, and add as many alert channels as you want. Put this in your Admin toolbox, and become aware of system problems faster.

Empezando a usar frameworks de PHP

Nos mandan una serie de ligas a varios artículos que tratan sobre el uso de tres “frameworks” populares en PHP: Zend, symfony y CakePHP:

These 5 articles on PHP frameworks will get you quickly familiar with Zend, symfony, and CakePHP. This series is designed for PHP developers who want to start using a PHP framework, but have not examined the available frameworks in detail. You will examine their similarities and differences while building and extending a sample application. using Ajax and by integrating external tasks.